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Amruthaphala: Successful model of Organic Farming

Updated: Jan 24

Story of a bright young woman that lead an FPO based on Organic Farming to success.

Amruthaphala - a Farmer Producer Company was registered on 24-08-2017. It is run from Sabbavaram Mandal, Anakapalli District. A Farmers Producers Organisation (FPO) is a group of farmer-producers that provide support to small farmers with end-to-end services covering almost all aspects of cultivation from inputs, technical services to processing and marketing. Amruthaphala is one such organisation where vegetables and fruits are produced using organic farming. Ms KLN Mouktika is the CEO of this company, who currently leads 1,015 shareholding farmers. All the shareholders are small and marginal farmers with 930 male farmers and 85 female farmers. Together they cover a farming area extent of over 1,280 acres.

Democratic Structure and Functioning:

Village level meetings and awareness generation programs are conducted for initial mobilisation to induct shareholders of the company. Distribution of share bonds to the shareholders at village level is done in order for them to feel a connect with the company. Trainings are held at field level to the farmers about vermicomposting decomposers and NPM methods. In these trainings the activities performed are to enhance the skills of the farmers while providing information and instruction on how to better perform specific tasks. The main objective of the work is clearly explained to the people in this trainings. Regular general body meetings are also held with the farmers and board to strengthen the FPO. Exposure visits are done with the support of NABARD.

Activitites of Amruthaphala

The company owns a vehicle van and cold storage unit which is created with the help of the horticulture department. Recently they also constructed a Collection Center. Procurement of vegetables at field is done by the farmers. Marketing strategies are discussed to improve and expand the company. Seeds are sold at outlets and there is also distribution of seeds for the farmers. Seed distribution is done to promote natural farming. Field visits are done regularly to check the progress and the quality of work done. The company owns a supermarket outlet and also offers an online delivery option. They have focused on marketing in gated communities, hospitals, hostels etc in Vishakapatnam city. They established an outlet to make it a “One step purchase point” with fresh vegetables and value added products all produced organically.

Amruthaphala is a great example of the potential that can be unlocked when the youth come forward as leaders and receive support of the government in venturing into innovative areas. They not only grew into a successful business but also became flag-bearers of healthy and organic food choices.

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