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An exemplary work of a dedicated MPHA from Nathavaram Mandal

Jaykumar embarked on his journey on June 1, 2003, at PHC Nathavaram and later

transitioned to PHC Gunupudi in 2016, where he continues his unwavering commitment

to this day. Recognized for his exceptional work ethic and profound grasp of health

parameters, Jaykumar operates with resolute dedication. He emerges as a dynamic

force in fieldwork, meticulously maintaining up-to-date records while extending a

comprehensive array of health services to his community.

His devotion leads him to visit every family within his jurisdiction fortnightly, diligently

enquiring about potential health concerns like fevers, diarrheal issues, and acute

infections. Responding with precision, he collects blood samples, initiates necessary

sprays, and organizes medical camps, embodying a symphony of proactive health

measures. Jaykumar doesn't stop at diagnosis—he follows up on Leprosy and TB

cases, ensuring consistent medication adherence.

In collaboration with a female Health worker, Jaykumar administers vaccines to

newborns and guarantees timely vaccinations for expecting mothers. He enhances

school immunization programs, elevating them to platforms for enhanced health

awareness. He raises consciousness on Vector-borne diseases, Diarrheal diseases,

sanitation practices, and Family planning methods. His advocacy extends to Maternal

and Child services, urging the community to embrace these vital resources.

Jaykumar's sphere of influence is profound i.e, he concentrates on addressing Anemia

within the Tribal villages of Nathavaram. Through nutrition education and insights into

danger signs, he uplifts the Hb status of numerous Pregnant women, Lactating women,

and Adolescents. Beyond his role in healthcare, he educates the community on the

significance of registering births and deaths, ensuring these life events are duly


Jaykumar's competence extends to offering treatments for minor ailments, providing first

aid in accident cases and emergencies, and directing cases that surpass his purview to

PHCs for timely management. Demonstrating his compassionate spirit, he allocates his

personal funds to support transportation for the needy, particularly those from interior

villages. Through innovative communication methods, he distills complex health

concepts into easily understandable insights, proving that he not only cares for the

community's well-being but also ensures that health education is accessible to all.

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