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Building a Brighter Future: The Impact of Jalampalli Anganwadi Centre

Story of Jalampalli Anganwadi Centre that is shaping the future of the community's children and investing in the wellbeing of its women.

The Jalampalli Anganwadi Centre (AWC) of Anakapalli District is a vital resource for the community, providing services to the 4 pregnant women and 26 pre-school children registered under the centre. The AWC is a part of the government's Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme and is a shining example of how a dedicated team can make a positive impact in the community.

The AWC is led by the dedicated teacher, Ms. Ch. Ramanamma, who is committed to providing the best possible care for the children and mothers. She is assisted by Ms. P. Eswaramma, who helps in cooking and taking care of the children's hygiene. Together they ensure that the children and mothers receive the necessary nutrition and education to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

The AWC provides supplementary nutrition to the children and pregnant women, with a weekly timetable being followed to ensure that they are getting the necessary nutrients. Eggs and milk are included in the everyday timetable, and special nutritious foods such as ragi, jonna, dry dates and jaggery are provided to the pregnant women to ensure that they are getting enough nutrition. The AWC also conducts awareness sessions on food intake for children and pregnant and lactating women.

The pre-school and non-formal education provided at the AWC is designed to activate the children's natural desire to learn. The teachers provide the children with a range of activities such as hygienic practices, moral stories, basic preschool subjects, and cultural and traditional celebrations. They also provide playschool kits like drawing books and English alphabet books and playing tools like clay, dolls and building blocks. Regular height and weight checkups and iron syrups provided by the AWC, along with the medical kit which includes fever tablets, bandages and a first aid kit, helps to ensure that the children and pregnant women have access to the necessary healthcare.

The Jalampalli Anganwadi Centre is a true testament to the power of community, education and hope. It is helping to build a brighter future for the children and mothers of Jalampalli, one day at a time. They are not just providing basic necessities, but they are also fostering a love of learning, encouraging healthy habits and instilling important values, in order to help the children to grow up to become responsible, productive and contributing members of society.

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