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From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Nadu Nedu transformation of KTV Palem MPPS

The government school located in KTV Palem, Anakapalli district, has undergone a significant transformation under the program called 'Nadu Nedu'. The school infrastructure and facilities have been modified in the best possible way to provide the students with a comfortable and conducive learning environment.

As the famous quote goes, "A good school is like a good home", the school has created an inviting and warm atmosphere for the students to learn and grow. Upon entering the school, the students are greeted by a clear pathway with tiles leading to the main gate, adorned with statues of Mother Teresa, Abdul Kalam, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Mahatma Gandhi, and Lord Saraswathi. These statues serve as a constant reminder for the students to take inspiration from the stories of these great leaders and strive to be like them in their own lives.

The school also put a lot of emphasis on food and hygiene for the students. A hygienic kitchen was set up under the “Jagananna Gorumudha” scheme to provide nutritious food to every child. The school follows a strict timetable to ensure that food is cooked well before the students arrive. The students are also taught to pray before eating as a way of showing gratitude towards the providers. The school has a clean and neat dining hall on the right side of the school. The menu of Jagananna Gorumudda is presented in the form of a song, and the students are taught hygienic activities such as washing hands before eating and the importance of food.

In addition to these changes, the school infrastructure has also been greatly improved. Classrooms are equipped with comfortable benches, boards, fans, and lights. An English lab has also been set up for the students. The classrooms are well-ventilated to allow fresh air to enter, and each classroom is equipped with fans and tube lights. The school compound walls are painted with informative paintings, and the school walls are also creatively painted with informative paintings. A RO drinking water plant is installed on the school premises, which has been in use for the past 4 years, generating 30 liters/hour. This plant was donated by K.V.R. Reddy Garu from Kurmanpalem and serves the purpose of providing purified drinking water to all students and staff. The washrooms have also been renovated with the latest construction technology, including non-leak-proof walls, non-leak-proof underground drainage systems, and non-slippery ceramic tiles.

Under the “Jagananna Vidya Kanuka” educational scheme of the state government, all students are provided with uniforms that are stitched with the school logo, which was designed by the headmaster. The school also encourages students to participate in events such as Sankranthi celebrations and Independence Day celebrations, which allows the students to be more active and creative while performing in the events.

The school has not only transformed the infrastructure but also the mindset of the students and staff. The school is now a shining example of how a government school can be transformed with the right resources and initiatives. The students now have access to better facilities and resources, which will help them in their education and personal growth. This transformation serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for other government schools to follow in its footsteps.

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