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Inspiring Journey of a Skill Hub Coordinator, Srinivas

Korra Srinivas, hailing from Narsipatnam, a town in Andhra Pradesh, nurtured a lofty dream of becoming a successful engineer specializing in VLSI design. Despite financial constraints, his parents toiled diligently to provide him with a quality education and to nurture his aspirations.

He completed his B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from a prestigious college in Visakhapatnam. Srinivas harbored a profound passion for VLSI design and aspired to pursue a Master's degree in this field. However, fiscal constraints initially thwarted this ambition. Undeterred, he embarked on a career as a computer science faculty member at a degree college, all the while pursuing his Masters in the evenings. His dedication and zeal for engineering inspired countless students, leaving an indelible mark. To stay abreast of the latest technological advancements, he diligently enrolled in pertinent online courses, eventually earning his M.Tech in VLSI design in 2018. Concurrently, he learned of a vacancy for the position of ESC coordinator with APSSDC and decided to seize this opportunity. Following a rigorous selection process involving a written test and interview, he secured the position and began his service in Narsipatnam.

From the very outset, Srinivas was enthusiastic about assisting young individuals in realizing their career aspirations. He facilitated numerous students in securing placements and enrolled many in skill development courses encompassing web development, digital marketing, graphic design, IoT, robotics, and more. His friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate demeanor earned him recognition among peers and students alike.

Throughout his tenure, Srinivas organized a spectrum of events and activities, including job fairs, workshops, seminars, quizzes, and hackathons. These initiatives not only educated the youth in the area but also provided them with substantial career opportunities. Committed to the adage that "continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field," he actively participated in programs conducted by APSSDC and the Department of Skills Development and Training, Government of Andhra Pradesh, to enhance his skills and knowledge.

Srinivas took immense pride in being associated with APSSDC and the Department of Skills Development and Training, entities dedicated to nurturing a skilled workforce for the future. His journey serves as an enduring inspiration for all, a testament to the rewards of relentless determination and hard work in the face of adversity.

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