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Journey of a Self Motivated Employee from AP EPDCL

Viyyapu Nagaraju embarked on his journey as a contract Junior Lineman (JLM) in 2003, serving the Vaddadi section of A.P.E.P.D.C.L department in the K.J. Puram Distribution. In this role, he worked diligently to support the local farmers by setting up a fuse call room and making himself available round the clock for any emergencies. His dedication earned him the admiration of the village community in a short span.

Nagaraju's commitment to his work led to his transfer to Madugula Kotapadu, where he was recognized for his outstanding contributions and promoted to Assistant Lineman. Subsequently, he was transferred to Chidikada Mandal, where the villagers honored him as a token of respect for his unwavering efforts, a moment that filled him with pride.

In 2009-10, when the Anakapalli division split into two, Nagaraju opted to join Anakapalli division, specifically the Pedapadu distribution as an Assistant Lineman. Pedapadu boasted a farming community, and Nagaraju prioritized transformer maintenance to ensure uninterrupted power supply, earning the satisfaction of both the villagers and department officials. His dedication did not go unnoticed, as he received accolades and the Best Performance and Best ALM award from Divisional Officer Janardhana Rao DE.

Later, he was posted to Mollipaka, Jagannadhapuram village, where he faced the challenge of restoring power after the devastating Hudud storm of 2014. With unwavering patience and dedication, he managed to restore power within 10-12 days, earning praise from both villagers and the department.

In 2016, Nagaraju was promoted to Line Man and transferred to Anakapalli D1. His exceptional work caught the attention of Division Engineer G. Satyanarayana, who requested his transfer to Elamanchilli in 2018. Today, he continues to serve as a Lineman in Haripalem village of Achyuthapuram section, always approaching his tasks with care and striving for optimal solutions to any challenges that arise.

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