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Model Anganwadi Centre in Anakapalli District - Mallunaidupalem

Story of Mallunaidupalem Anganwadi Centre (AWC) and its dedicated Anganwadi Worker and Helper that have contributed in making it a model centre.

Mallunanidupalem Anganwadi Centre is situated in Sabbavaram Mandal of Anakapalli District. Ms R.Ramanamma is the Anganwadi Worker and Ms is the Anganwadi Helper, who you will find smiling and serving the little champs of the centre as you enter. An Anganwadi center is a community-based childcare and mother-care center. The main objective of an Anganwadi center is to provide healthcare, nutrition and education services to children under 6 years of age, pregnant and lactating women, and adolescent girls in rural and urban areas. Mallunaidupallem Centre is a model Anganwadi center for the district as the staff have managed to create a centre providing best-practice examples of how to provide effective and high-quality services within the minimal resources available.

The entrance of this AWC is beautifully painted following the norms under BALA - Building As a Learning Aid, contributing both to the aesthetic and pre-school learning. The staff conduct two meetings every month to spread awareness and encourage active participation of stakeholders. The weekly menu for food to be served to pre-schoolers and women is followed well. By adding ingredients from the Nutri Kitchen Garden grown by the Anganwadi Staff, fresh and nutritious meals are served daily. Apart from serving eggs and milk everyday, pregnant women are given nutritious foods like ragi, jonna, dry dates, jaggery, etc. as take home ration.

They have been focusing on Pre-school and non-formal education in inculcate early skills in children. The staff did a good job in providing nutrition and health education. As the saying goes “the goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s natural desire to learn”. Following this they make use of playschool kits and activity blocks to teach children. Prominent festivals are celebrated in the AWC to acquaint children with our culture and traditions. Regular height and weight checkups are conducted for children and pregnant women for monitoring their health. Iron syrup is given to the children twice a week. Iron tablets are given every day for pregnant and lactating women.

The Mallunaidupalem AWC has succeeded in providing high-quality services, serving as a model for other Anganwadi centers. The staff here has shown commendable dedication to their duty.

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