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Sailaja Rani realizes the dream of an entire village through Pond Beautification

D. Sailaja Rani, serving as a Panchayat Secretary in Kotthali village, was entrusted with an additional responsibility to serve as a Panchayat Secretary in Pothireddipalem village, Yalamanchilli Mandal. In March 2023, as part of a pond beautification initiative directed by the District Collector, Sailaja Rani took up the task with utmost dedication.

The initial focus of the project was on cleaning up the area around the pond, which involved the removal of plastic waste over the first three days. Subsequently, in collaboration with the local villagers, they embarked on constructing a compound wall and a walking platform around the pond, significantly enhancing its aesthetic appeal. As part of this endeavor, they leveled the ground surrounding the pond with gravel, creating a walking track suitable for exercise. Cement benches were also strategically placed for visitors to rest and enjoy the surroundings.

Sailaja Rani, along with the District Panchayat Resource Center officer overseeing the project, paid meticulous attention to the construction of swings and slides, ensuring the flawless completion of these amenities. Sailaja Rani's unwavering commitment and diligent efforts from the project's inception left a profoundly positive impact on the villagers.

The realization of this dream project brought immense joy and gratitude to the villagers, who had long aspired to see the pond transformed. They expressed heartfelt thanks to the District Collector and all other officials who played a pivotal role in making this dream a reality. Sailaja Rani's effective leadership and hard work stood out, leaving a lasting impression on the community.

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