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The Inspiring Story of G Varaha Anil

G Varaha Anil, a Ward Education and Data Processing Secretary at the Balajinagar Secretariat - 21087013 in GVMC – Anakapalli Zone, is one of the many inspiring stories of district employees who have been working tirelessly to make the Village and Ward Secretariat System a success. After clearing the entrance exam, he joined as a Secretary in October 2019 and has been working with dedication ever since.

Anil's prior knowledge and experience have produced some excellent results in his role as a Secretary. He has had the opportunity to work on many critical projects with a diverse group of people, which has helped him to develop as an experienced person. He is proud to have rendered the highest number of services to the beneficiaries out of 522 secretariats in the district of Anakapalli. Despite facing several difficulties, including technical issues and challenges from the beneficiaries, Anil has always provided services within the SLA period. He even conveyed the difficulties in services to the technical team, which led to major changes and training being provided to the secretaries for better provision of services to the beneficiaries.

The District Administration recognised Anil's dedication and hard work, and he was rewarded with a meritorious certificate by the District Collector on the eve of Republic Day. He says that this recognition made him feel proud and thankful and left him more energised to serve the citizens. The inspiring story of G Varaha Anil is a testament to the impact that district employees can have on the lives of rural communities. They are the ones who work behind the scenes to ensure that the benefits of government schemes and initiatives reach every corner of the district.

As we celebrate the inspiring work of district employees like G Varaha Anil, let us also remember the words of Martin Luther King Jr., "The time is always right to do what is right." Let us continue to work towards building a better tomorrow for all.

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