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Work of a Passionate MAO from Nakkapalli Mandal

Uma Prasad, an Agriculture Officer hailing from Narayanapuram village near Yelamanchili Mandal, comes from a family deeply rooted in agriculture. Uma Prasad's journey into agriculture began at a young age, accompanying his father to the fields. This early exposure fostered a natural connection with the farming community that he continues to serve.

Uma Prasad pursued his Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Sciences at the prestigious Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) in Coimbatore. This formal education coupled with hands-on field experiences broadened his horizons significantly. He briefly worked with the State Bank of India, where he closely interacted with and served the farming community. His role involved disbursing need-based instant credits, aligning with crop protocols and Self-Help Groups (SHGs). During this stint, he gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by farmers in accessing capital, providing him with a unique perspective on their struggles.

His first posting took him to Munchinguputtu, a tribal region. Here, he and his colleagues conducted Millet demonstrations, promoted organic rice farming, and implemented System of Rice Intensification (SRI) cultivation techniques. They actively contributed to enhancing agricultural practices in this area. In 2014, Uma Prasad was transferred to S Rayavaram, a region primarily focused on paddy cultivation. Here, they introduced new disease-resistant, high-yield paddy varieties, replacing the traditional susceptible seeds. His team successfully transitioned 30% of cultivated land to hybrid varieties. They also organized constituency-level meetings and conducted Polam badi and National Food Security Mission (NFSM) demonstrations.

In 2020, Uma Prasad and his team achieved a significant milestone by inaugurating a district-level Rythu Bharosa Kendra (RBK) in Gudivada village of S Rayavaram Mandal. In 2022, Uma Prasad was posted to Nakkapalli, where paddy cultivation predominates. This rain-fed region faced challenges such as excessive fertilizer and pesticide use, as well as pest infestations. To address these issues, Uma Prasad and his team conducted village-level training programs on community-based seed treatment, soil test-based fertilizer application, judicious pesticide use, and agronomic practices like line sowing and direct sowing. Their hands-on approach involved interacting with farmers in the field and introducing new agricultural technologies.

Throughout his 12-year service, Uma Prasad received meritorious awards on four occasions. His blend of personal agricultural experience and professional expertise enabled him to bridge the gap between government services and the needs of farmers. Uma Prasad played a pivotal role in facilitating government benefits like Rythu Bharosa and PM KISAN through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) and introduced innovative technologies such as drones, farm mechanization, crop rotation, crop diversification, micro-irrigation schemes, and efficient use of group tractors. He actively encouraged farmers to explore commercial farming for sustainability. His unwavering passion for agriculture has positively impacted numerous farmers, and he constantly seeks ways to enhance his work, remaining dedicated and proud of his contributions to the agricultural community.

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